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Saturday March 24 - Pizza and Jam Night

pizza and jam 01 (200).jpg

Tune up your instruments and your vocal cords. We be jammin' at the lodge. Bring your guitar, keyboards, shakers, hummazoos, whatever, and we'll make music of some kind.

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Saturday April 7 - Games Weekend 6 at the Lodge

games - tzolkin-h150.jpg

And soon another year will have passed and it's time again for the next Games Weekend!! As always, there will be a large collection of games available for folks to try, with both new ones and old favourites in the mix. And of course, the question on everyone's lips: is Mitch the New England Patriots of gaming? How many of these in a row can he win??

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Saturday May 19 - Whistler Victoria Day BBQ & GoFest Weekend

may long weekend-h150.jpg

Please join us for a BBQ at the Inside Edge Lodge and bring your bikes, skis and hiking boots. Saturday night we'll have BBQ chicken, fish, Mike's famous roast potatoes, lots of veg, appies and dessert! Join us for that transition season when you can bike, hike, ski and après all in the same day!


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