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Saturday April 22 - Games Weekend V at the Lodge

games - tzolkin-h150.jpg

Finally -- after skipping last fall it's been a while, but at last it's time for the spring Games Weekend!! As always, there will be a large collection of games available for folks to try, with both new ones and old favourites (how could we not have Quirkle, or 7 Wonders?) in the mix. And of course, the question on everyone's lips: can anyone finally manage to dethrone Mitch?

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Saturday May 20 - Whistler Victoria Day BBQ

hiking - brohm lake-h200.png

Please join us for a salmon and chicken BBQ at the Inside Edge Lodge. Bring your bikes, skis and hiking boots! Join us for that transition season when you can bike, hike, ski and apres all in the same day! Swimming at Lost Lake optional.

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Saturday June 3 - Work Weekend

work weekend 2013 colin.jpg

Come on up to the lodge to share a couple of days with your fellow clubmates making our club lodge a better place to stay!


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