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Saturday November 25 - Season Opener Hot Pot


If you have never had or enjoyed a Chinese hot pot then why not come out to the lodge and try something new. The Chinese hot pot is a broth fondue: there will be broths with different flavors where you will cook noodles, seafood, beef balls, shrimp balls, thin sliced beef, and vegetables. Once the food items are cooked, you scoop them from the broth, dip them in a tasty sauce and enjoy. It is a very social meal so conversations will flow, that is of course if you are not too busy eating!

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Monday December 25 - Jonathan's and Mike's Excellent Christmas at the Lodge

turkey 1.jpg

For those lucky enough to get away from the usual holiday demands of family, come and spend a white Christmas with your fellow Inside Edge Members at the best place on earth.

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Sunday December 31 - New Year's Eve at the Lodge

roast beef with rosemary-h150.jpg

Tired of all that turkey and stuffing (and gas!) from the holidays? Why not consider joining me for a delicious roast beef dinner with all the trimmings such as roast potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding.


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