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I remember thinking, “Where do people my age find some fun? After a relationship failure, I found myself at home watching a lot of TV with my kids. I joined a curling league — all I did the first night was sweep until I had blisters and listen to a couple of cranky old men argue over what play to make next. I never went back. Then I joined a bowling league (I don't even like bowling). I lasted a little longer, but when they decided to start practising, I'd had all the bowling I could take. I joined a dating club. Eight one-night dates later I felt like I needed to change professions and become a psychologist. The worse one was when my date started to cry half an hour in, telling me how lonely she was. It wasn't all bad because I did meet a woman who suggested that I would be perfect for this club called the Inside Edge. When I went home I went online and joined right away. I thought $85 seemed like a no brainer when each one of these dates was costing all of that. Well ... I've never looked back. I now have 100 new friends, a fabulous woman in my life, and a social life that would choke a horse.
Thank you Inside Edge!!!!
Steve T.

In 1972 I became member of the Inside Edge Club (I joined when I was 6 years old.) Ha! Ha! I served on the Executive for two years when we first became a non profit society and have been both a Director and a Trustee of the club. The club is my other family. I have made many great friends over these years. I enjoy skiing, volleyball, softball, dances, camping, etc. The best way to enjoy the club is to participate and help out whenever possible. I have often said “Get involved with the club, as the club doesn’t come to you.”
Jack H.

What you make of it
I originally joined in ‘93 simply to have a place to stay in Whistler during ski season. Previously, I was part of a group that rented a cabin year round, but that fizzled out as people paired up and moved on. I then joined another cabin group, which had great dinner parties each weekend, but no one went out on the town after! Then one of the guys (thank you Ron P.) told me about a cabin just down the street. So I joined the Edge not expecting anything more than a place to crash and perhaps a few to ski with. It ended up being a great fit. And even though I don't ski anymore, I hardly notice it between all the other activities I do. Basically, the best advice is what Jack said, "get involved". Many sign-up and don't do anything, expecting someone else to take them by the hand, or something. It doesn't work that way, it's volunteer run, and as such, can be a little discoordinated at times. But by getting involved, you meet the active and fun side, and experience what the club really is, a great group of lifelong friends - if that's what you want of course! Just as with life – it truly is what you make of it.
Keith M.



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