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Saturday June 2 - Work Weekend

work weekend 2013 colin.jpg

Come on up to the lodge to share a couple of days with your fellow clubmates making our club lodge a better place to stay!


  1. Clean kitchens
  2. Bedrooms (clean walls, vacuum under beds, shampoo carpets, clean all bedding, make sure everything is clean top of sprinkler pipes, top of moldings etc)
  3. Common areas (vacuum and shampoo carpets, re grout tiles in front of fireplace, dust every surface, oil the ceiling)
  4. Clean and wax the entrance way, re stain the footing in the entrance way clean wire racks in the entrance way.
  5. Take moss out of drain tile gravel around building
  6. Rake and clean up the yard (plant grass) clean gravel off parking lot.
  7. Clean debris off the roof
  8. Trim trees, especially the ones near the chimney
  9. Clean windows inside and out
  10. Clean bbq and balcony

I'm sure that I will think of more by the time it comes around so come out lend a helping hand. If you can do any of these tasks your help is needed so make a reservation and state in the notes that you wish to participate in the work weekend.

June 2 & 3
All Weekend
At the Lodge
Cost: Your hard work covers all meals
Sign Up:
Online through the club's web site
Deadline: May 29
the lodge commander
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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