Lodge set to re-open with new temporary pandemic plan

I am happy to announce that the club will be able to re-open for the winter season. Thank you to the 120 people who provided input on the survey I sent out. Just over half of the respondents (53%) want to use the lodge, and we are happy we have come up with a COVID-19 protective plan to make this happen.

However, the lodge will re-open with an entirely different way of booking and staying. This new COVID-19 operating plan will not suit everyone. Bookings must be done in a block of days and as a bubble. Sorry there will be no business as usual and no individual bookings. Lodge users are limited to BC residents only.

The details will take at least a month to sort out, but I wanted to give a heads up to anyone deciding whether to buy any tickets, edge card or seasons pass for the upcoming winter.

The lodge will have a total of four blocks available by completely separating the upper and lower floors with locks and use of different doors. There will be two mid-week blocks available (1 up/ 1 down) likely as follows (Mon - Thurs.) and two weekend blocks available (1 up/ 1 down) Fri - Sun. A full week may be possible also.

One member reserves the block and pays for their whole bubble, a maximum of 6 people total, (including the one who reserved) and only people in the same household can share a room (so this may mean booking for 3- 4 people only). The cost is still being worked out and upstairs will cost a bit more, approximately $150.00 per night plus taxes, and the whole block has to be paid for, and sanitizing costs (approx. $225 per block).

For example, a weekend block could cost approximately $300 + taxes, + $225 = $525+ total. Similarly a weekday block approximately $450 + taxes + $225= $675+. Costs to be paid by the bubble (sanitizing may have tax by external company and extra charges will apply if the block has not completed the new cleaning protocol).

I hope this has provided enough information on what the lodge will offer to help people make decisions about skiing. Just to be clear, this plan is only for the duration of the pandemic. Thanks again to all who provided ideas and input to help us assemble this plan.