I'm back from a few days at Fintry Provincial Park where it was hot and sunny, then hot and smokey, and then hot and sunny. The club had booked five nights on the group site plus a few members booked individual sites. Camping is always fun with other members.

This event has been cancelled twice in the past few year - once for a pandemic and once for a fire.This year we had the largest group site.

Fintry2022 P1030079


Paddling at Fintry


Paddleboardling has become popular with several members bringing inflatable stand up paddleboards.




You may have noticed that it's a completely different web site. After a few years of trying out different software packages it was time to make it happen. The new site is "responsive" which means it arranges itself for different screens - from desktops to tablets to phones.

Membership has been automated so when you join or renew it takes effect immediately. Nancy is still here to answer any questions. You can reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You now need to sign in to access member only pages like reservations and the lodge availability page. On the reservations page it already knows who you are so you don't need to fill in a name or email or phone number. After signing in you'll see a My Profile and My Lists in the menu. You can update your personal information and you can subscribe or unsubscribe to different club mailing lists.

There's no monthly newsletter so you need to check the web site for upcoming events.

Hilmar Schneider